The Thing That Should Not Be.

Beth sent me a question on the script and it led me to think a lot about the gods I choose to bring into the world and those I've either left out or haven't truly brought in.

It's actually pretty difficult to take someone else's mythos (HPL) and make it a part of your own. HPL describes Nyogtha as an inky shadow, haunter of the Red Abyss. I get bored with HPL's lightly cloaked racism. Yeah, I get it...the dude thought brown people and anything else dark was bad and scary and unknowable. BLEH! Get the fuck out, HPL, you disgust me.

Now, I, like any other reasonable human being on the fact of the Earth, am terrified of the dark. What lives, lurks and thrives in the dark is terrifying to me because my imagination just runs WILD with it. However, I try to describe the feeling of not knowing as the truly terrible thing, not the dark itself. I mean, if I were in a dark room with a bunch of my best friends, who were also the Avengers, I wouldn't be scared...BFD. But rare is the occasion when Thor and and I interrupted by Black Widow in the middle of our make-out session because she would like a turn to get to second base with me. ;)

Boy, my tangents really take us places, don't they? Nyogtha seemed like a great god to put into this story because she seemed clumsy, accidental and careless...like a smoker is a basement full of oxygen tanks, in the dark...with you joyfully skipping behind her.

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