Rise of the Cat People

Rise of the Cat People - Concept Art

During the time that Cat People were on the show, I got a fuck ton of questions about WTF and how the fuck are Cat People a thing. In fact, I got a some whiny babies (I STILL LOVE YOU) claiming some shark jumping shizz.

Here's the deal. There's a lot going on in my world and not only did Cat People make sense, it was an objective from about episode 3 when I had figured out that A) I liked podcasting B)I was somewhat okay at narrating a story for players and listeners C)I could cliffhanger like nobody's business.

Cat People were probably birthed in my mind the first time that I saw Planet of the Apes...so I think I was maybe nine years old? I just kept thinking...this would be better if they were kinda like cats. Then came the best episode of Doctor Who in New New York where the 10th Doctor visits the the New New York Hospital (which could use a shop) with Rose Tyler. This episode made me remember my childhood watching planet of the apes and wishing I could bring my own vision to life and I did in CaF.

I've really tried to make this into a comic book but seriously, it's incredibly difficult to tell much meaty story in a comic book. So, it was back to the drawing board with Beth. We discussed options and eventually settled on something that we both wanted to do...a children's book. We've taken the story of the Rise of the Cat People and are creating a book that will read and be illustrated like a children's book. I fucking love it. I'm getting to tell so much more of the story without having to try to figure out dialogue to explain what should be said in the third person.

Rise of the Cat People will likely be the first project completed from Project Bombshell. In all seriousness, my life has changed drastically since we launched the Kickstarter and so has Beth's. We had to find a way to do these in a timeline that made sense for us and didn't put us under immense pressure. I learned that I cannot run a podcast, for 40+ hours, attend school full-time, raise two children and work on three projects simultaneously. I can do one project at a time with my current workload...that makes everything much slower than we'd planned for but it's how I don't have anxiety attacks and sink into the depths of crippling depression. We both know it's been a long time coming, but we promise, we are working hard to get this out.

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