TMJ Changes

Original TMJ Concept Art

Hey guys! If you remember the update from Kickstarter, you know that we had a time and half getting The Man Jack off of the ground. To be honest, it's likely the most difficult project that I have ever dealt with and I've done some crazy big projects in my life.

With that said, we obviously changed artists (That's Beth for stepping up for this)but after that change came a lot more change with the CaF cast and just our general cohesiveness as a group. To say things mildly, shit got uncomfortable. When I last updated everyone, I had talked about TMJ and the many times I'd written and rewritten that story. This was not made easier by the constant need to rearrange cannon to accommodate frequent entrances and exits from the show.

In the middle of 2017, Josh announced on Twitter that he was leaving the show which actually made the process of closing out Jack's story a bit easier for me. However, I don't know about you (feel free to comment), but I'm kind of done with that character. I had a lot planned for the NPC TMJ but creatively...that just didn't happen in the show and it made me care less and less about him and his impact on the world. This is why I wrote him out of the cannon as less than a dream and more of a "never was" a déjà vu, if you will.

Right now, I feel like writing about The Man Jack from his own perspective would be like revisiting Ned Stark...meh.

Beth and I have talked about this and think we have come up with a better solution, if fact, Beth apparently pitched this in the early day of Project Bombshell and it never made it to my ears or eyes. We are working on a project that is a novella of sorts and will include full pages of artwork from the writing. This will allow us more time/room to tell the story that I want to tell and will still feature some beautiful art too. We hope you're as excited about this as we are because this is our way to approach this story without crippling anxiety and to move on from a painful situation with peace and dignity.

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