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General Status & Future Intent

December 31, 2018

Hello Creepers!  The Casting Call is out there and I cannot wait to hear your submissions, but for now, I'ma be a bit selfish.  I've got this blog, you have come here for a reason, so lets give you something to talk about.

As it stands, I can honestly say I am extremely excited to see the future of CaF.  We've had a rough few years, but you have stayed with us and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.  And now, it's time for us to pay it back. The only directions I want to see this show go are up and forward!  Bringing in a new member to our fold is only one step, we still have plenty more to do after that, but let me tell you, I see good things coming!

I am going to start off promising this Blog will be updated Every week, may increase that amount, all depends on how much I have to say and if it is actually of value.  I can ramble with the best of em, but these blogs should bring you something worthwhile.

As for future intent past this show, I have talked intenally about starting up a second show for myself, something lightweight and easy, just so I can keep my voice fresh for when its needed for CaF!  I've considered a few ideas and would love to hear your feedback. Would a show on Wrestling or MMA be interesting? A Couch review of some sort? I have also been tossing the idea around of Dramatic readings of terrible fan fic and short stories with friends for a long while if that seems interesting.  Recently thought of doing a weekly music show where I just suggest a few random songs for people to check out, which I could honestly knock out in no time. I would have to check the legality on how I could play the music for you all, or just suggest you hunt it on the You Tubes or wherever! If you think any of these sound interesting, let me know on Twitter Here and I will give you some internet points!

For now, Lemme start on the music front with the song I am listening to while typing this out.  I have very varied tastes, so expect some random stuff popping up here each post. Click the button below to find out what fueled this rambling post!

Love ya Creepers, and can't wait to get you more goodness for your ears! Enjoy This Music.