CaF Creeper Christmas 2015!!

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Hello creepers,
Rob Weeks here, @zombieslag to most and creeper king to some. I created Creeper Christmas last year to say thank you and to give back to the community that helped me so much. You, my fellow creepers, are amazing people and have impeccable taste in podcasts.

I’m excited to say that creeper Christmas was a sanity shattering success and that the caf crew are keeping the new tradition going with Creeper Christmas 2015.

The point of Creeper Christmas is to show a little love to your fellow creepers in the form of a gift, secret Santa style. Gifts last year were fantastic and ranged from things as simple as a card all the way to hand made items tailored for the recipients specific taste.

I hope this year will be the same. There is no dollar amount, minimum or maximum, to the gifts. Emphasis is only on the fact that you give from the heart, or whichever slimy organ you decide to feel with.

Handmade items are encouraged, as is stalking your prey via Twitter or Facebook to learn what would excite them.

Finally I would like to say thank you to the entire Cthulhu and Friends crew, Josh, Veronica, Mike, Staci, and Hiroshi, for bringing us together with their amazing show.

Alright Creepers, you heard the man! Sign ups begin today, and run through the 31st. All you need to do is send an email to , with the following information:

Your Name
Twitter handle (if you have one)
Mailing address
Do you want your address shared with your Creeper Claus?
List of general don’t wants (maybe you have a food allergy?)
A couple of clues of what you would like

In an effort to encourage as many people to participate, mailing addresses can be handled in which ever way you are most comfortable:

1. Once your matched, your address will only be given to your Creeper Claus for them to mail your gifts directly to you


2. Once you’re matched, your Creeper Claus will be given an address to a neutral location, where Staci will pick it up, and then forward it on to you, so your address will be only be known to her*

*Please note, that if you’re match decides to keep their address secret, that we will request additional postage to cover the forward mailing

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